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To Live and Die in L.A.

1985 | Director: William Friedkin |

To Live and Die in L.A. was my first “Hollywood” movie. Billy Freidkin had seen something in my first small films and hired me, I was totally shocked! The great Billy Friedkin !!!

With me was the brilliant Robby Mueller, as DP. Though the script was written to be shot in the valley, I asked Billy If I could use the LA that fascinated me, the edges of LA:  the bridges of Long beach, the hills above the ‘wrong side’ of LA, etc…

He was totally open and gave me freedom to find my L.A. Working with Robbie was astonishing. What he could do with four lamps was amazing.

My favorite scene is watching Willem Defoe make counterfeit money. I learned the technique from a guy recently released from prison, but it’s a secret how I met him.

Willem’s ballet set the whole tone .The wicked were beautiful and the good guys were mundane and die in the end.

It was thrilling to get my first reviews! “Lilly Kilvert’s brilliant new wave design…”