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The Siege

1998 | Director: Edward Zwick |

This was my second film with Edward Zwick and we had developed a very good relationship. We made it in 1998 and it was an incredibly compelling and timely because of the public concern over a possible terrorist attack in NYC.

There we many challenges but also amazing opportunities. We closed the Brooklyn Bridge and Time Square, but, my favorite thing of all was when we blew up a bus in Williamsburg.

It was supposed to be a small explosion with CG to fill in the rest, but I asked Ed, “Why don’t we just blow up a real bus?”

After a few conversations with the fire department and the NYC police we were given permission. (They said, “You will be careful, right?”) It was a three week prep to arrange all the details to protect the buildings and generally making it safe.

When the day came everyone was prepared.

The subway stopped.

The explosion was enormous! It was one of the greatest moments of my career.

But, what was so important was that none of the actors or extras where expecting it and their reactions gave the scene such realty.

That’s what I love, the real feeling.