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The Crucible

1996 | Director: Nicholas Hytner |

When you look at a film you have designed, there are so many memories that come flooding back. We build this set on Hog Island, forty minutes outside of Boston. There was no water on the island, no electricity, and no bridge to get there. But, amazingly it was the most extraordinary film experience as, actually, everything went right.
We arrived in the pouring rain. My art director and I staked out the village, then we had three weeks to draw it and nine weeks to built it. We built them in a barn on the mainland and then we had the National Guard barge them over to the island.
To ensure the village felt real we had to plant all the gardens, build all the stone walls and two of the houses had to be built from the inside out. Regardless, everything was perfect.
It rained when we needed rain and shined when we needed sun. I drove a boat to the island and a horse to the set
Our director, Nick Hytner, was so prepared – he’s a real genius. My son even got to play a part in the film (John Proctor’s son).
On this shoot I met the crew that I subsequently did fifteen films with. It was a perfect experience.