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In the Line of Fire

1993 | Director: Wolfgang Petersen |

This movie was an enormous break for me. I got to work with Clint Eastwood and Wolfgang Peterson. The script was perfect from the start and we never changed a word. The film was a lot of work but a spectacular experience. Clint Eastwood had the name on my chair read “Set Goddess.”

The scariest moment on was when I had to get 42 locations locked down in 32 days! But, David, a very wise man, said to me, “Lilly, I’m going to give you a piece of advice:  Do today’s work today.” It’s a piece of advice I have taken with me for my whole life.

P.S. John Malkovich is a genius.

Frank Horrigan is a secret service agent who keeps thinking back to November 22, 1963, when, as a hand-picked agent by President Kennedy, he became one of the few agents to have lost a President to an assassin when Kennedy died. Now, former CIA assassin Mitch Leary is stalking the current President, who is running for re-election. Mitch has spent long hours studying Horrigan, and he taunts Horrigan, telling him of his plans to kill the President. Leary plans to kill the president because Leary feels betrayed by the government — Leary was removed from the CIA, and the CIA is now trying to have him killed. After talking to Leary, Horrigan makes sure he is assigned to presidential protection duty, working with fellow secret service agent Lilly Raines. Horrigan has no intention of failing his President this time around, and he’s more than willing to take a bullet. White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent refuses to alter the President’s itinerary… Written by Todd Baldridge