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About Lilly

Award winning production designer, Lilly Kilvert, has a list of credits covering 30 years of filmmaking. Her films include cult classics such as “Rockers” and “The Loveless” as well as large budget films such as “The Crucible”, “City of Angels”, and “The Last Samurai”. Her films display a wide range of her talents from the comical and colorful “Pink Panther” to the dark and dramatic “Valkyrie”.

Essentially Lilly’s work speaks for itself. The color, texture, and detail of her environments offer magnificent canvases for the compositions and movements of the cinematographer and director. Besides beauty, Lilly understands scheduling and finance, which means producers, appreciate her ability to come in on time and within budget.

Flexible, quick-thinking and solution oriented, Lilly can be seen standing by on set to help with even the smallest detail or working around the clock to ensure each deadline is met. Lilly’s motto is “It’s always a pleasure, never a problem.” This attitude and her innate ingenuity helps Lilly promote a great working environment that supports the director and cinematographer as well as dynamic visual results that support the story and the characters.

Production Design in the 21st Century – An Interview with Lilly Kilvert